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Let's say I'm selling fake eyeballs, and I have 500 at home or at my warehouse that haven't been sent to Amazon FBA yet. I can set the inventory count to 25, drop the price to $1.99 with free shipping, then reach out to people I know and trust and ask them to buy the product. I can tell them they don't have to do a review, but they can if they want to. How can you go wrong? They would be getting the product for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. This is similar to the first strategy. Discount your product to $1.99 with free shipping for 24 hours, but instead of reaching out to friends, reach out to Amazon's top reviewers. Because the discount is available to the general public, you don't have to bother with special links or discount codes. All you have to do is send the reviewer the regular link to your product.

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The Professional seller plan is a monthly subscription service that offers a suite of tools and benefits, including Amazon Marketplace Web Service, advanced business reports, customizable shipping options and rates, and eligibility for top placement on detail pages. The price is $39.99 per month, but can vary depending on whether you sell in multiple countries or not. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

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Here's the deal. Only you can determine what selling well means to you. You can't.

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Amazon won't tell us how many Prime subscribers it has worldwide, which makes the math fuzzy. But a couple years ago, Amazon all but confirmed that it had at least 20 million Prime members worldwide when it used the language "tens of millions of members." In 2014, it told us Prime membership grew 53%, and last year it grew 51%. So, conservatively speaking, Amazon probably has at least 46 million Prime members paying $99 per year. But it stands to reason that heavy Amazon users would be among the first to sign up for Prime. As Amazon goes after its next 50 million Prime members, they're likely looking for other benefits, such as video streaming, with the two-day shipping acting as an extra bonus. In other words, new members likely cost Amazon less in variable fees than older members, so Amazon is able to keep a larger chunk of that $99 membership fee.

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Refer to this step-by-step guide to set up your Canadian bank account today and streamline your eCommerce business. Alternatively, if you are in possession of a Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard®, you can easily load your Amazon earnings onto the Mastercard®. And if you need to pay your contractors or suppliers, you can send funds to anyone with an email address by clicking 'Pay' on the main menu and selecting 'Make a Payment.' Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment.

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